Personal Information

Name: ………Paul Shelley
Address: ..…..1, Evagoras Pallikarides, Apesia, Limassol. 4541
Telephone: …+357 96 318 930
Nationality..... British
D.o.B: ……….10th May 1958
Marital status..Living with partner


Academic Information

1969-1974: Sondes Place Secondary Modern School, Dorking, Surrey, England.
‘O’ levels: English Language, English Literature, Geography, Biology and Art. ‘CSE’ in Mathematics

Employment Information

2010 – Present: Self-employed in IT and medical tourism industry.

For the last four years, I have been developing my own 'brand' of medical tourism in Cyprus. I started with a website,, I have advertised through social media and through my website for patients to come to Cyprus for private medical healthcare.

I was building professional websites for doctors and others when both my mother and my brother needed urgent medical treatment. My mother needed 4 dental root canals, in the UK, this was going to cost £4000 with a long waiting list  and here, the cost was €1200 and the procedure was completed within 2 weeks.

My brother needed surgery on his lower spine. He was injured as an athlete in his younger days and has had many operations in the UK as a result. This specific operation was needed more or less immediately or he would lose much of his mobility. In the UK, the National Health Service, while free was a 2 year waiting list, privately done, the best price he could find in the UK at that time was £23,000 and a 2 month minimum wait. I spoke to one of the orthopaedic spinal specialists I knew here in Cyprus and the operation was done here within 2 weeks at a cost of €6500 (about £5600).

Through my website, I have direct personal access to a large network of private healthcare professionals and resources, since then and have had some nice success stories. For example, one English lady who had come to Cyprus on holiday found herself in Paphos General Hospital and urgently needing a liver biopsy. It couldn't be done in Paphos General Hospital. She contacted me on a Sunday morning on the phone, having seen my website and was understandably concerned and asked me if I was able to arrange the liver biopsy. I did and she had the procedure at the German Oncology Centre in Limassol the following morning and was found to be clear of cancer. She was so impressed that she asked me to assist with her husband who had a growth on his temple. Her husband was seen by one of the Neurosurgeons I work with, Dr Giannis Ioannou and subsequently had the growth removed.

I now promote Cyprus as a viable medical tourist destination in particular for joint replacement, IVF and Cosmetic surgery. In 2016, in order to be able to focus more on medical tourism, I built my website;

I started the website as a quality private doctor information directory, followed by attracting patients to Cyprus for various medical treatments. Much was dentistry but also various other treatments such as hair replacement, joint replacement etc. This year (2020) I started making live seminars. The first seminar was for Diabetes management and control but shortly after, Cyprus was locked down due to covid19.

From September, will also be adding in personal videos from doctors and surgeons along with various webinars.

2003 – 20010: Self-employed finance consultant. My role was the provision of assistance for small to medium businesses where companies were raising inward investment. Other activities included business plan creation, advice and guidance on various routes to raising investment and funding. Additionally, this also required market and industry research and client communication up to board level.

1997 – 2003: Business Development Director, Ametron Consultants, Cyprus. My responsibilities in general were staff management, (then we had 20 staff on average. I was responsible for hiring and training, customer liaison and new business development including marketing for Ametron which was an international investment business. I also maintained my own sales activities which included face to face meetings with clients, telephone sales and presentations to up to 500 people. I made personal and group  presentations in various countries including Spain, UK, US, Israel, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia.

1994 – 1997: BMW, Chelmsford. I was the Sales manager responsible for sales of BMW motorcycles.

1983 – 1994: I was self-employed living in Southend-on-Sea. I offered residential mortgage and commercial finance consultancy

1980 – 1983: Metropolitan Police Force, London.

1976 – 1980: H.M. Forces, Third Battalion, The Queens Regiment.

Additional information
Following normal tertiary education in the UK, I served four years in the Army with postings to Belize, Canada, Denmark and Northern Ireland and from there for two years, in the Metropolitan Police in London. I then moved into the financial sector. My sales and management experience has been extensive, primarily involved with investment-related financial products such as insurance including life, pensions, various savings plans, insurance funds, residential mortgages and commercial finance from 1983 through to 1995. My activities included client and business acquisition, project analysis and subsequent placement with appropriate financial institutions.

I spent two years working with BMW as a sales manager, taking the lowest ranked showroom in the UK (Chelmsford) (# 52 out of 52 showrooms) to #9 whilst quadrupling the stock and revenue levels within eighteen months. I was responsible for sales strategies, campaigns and events. 

In 1997, I left BMW and the UK for Cyprus to take up the position of sales manager with Ametron Consultants Ltd. Ametron were a brand new company at that time involved in raising investment funds through private equity placements. Responsibilities included building and managing sales teams, staff training in sales and financial markets as well as making my own sales. I was very successful and was promoted to Business Development Director within one year where additional responsibilities included client acquisition, working with companies requiring assistance with private equity placements and client/investor liaison.

During the next five years, I assisted small companies attract inward investment by various means including the construction of business plans for presentation to major institutions and private investors over a diverse range of activities including yacht manufacture, custom vehicle manufacture, military vehicle manufacture, trailers for leisure use such as horseboxes, boats and non- HGV related applications, hotel and property development, computer/technology franchise and online-dating. This has encompassed considerable research, often on the internet relating to the clients chosen business sector. Areas of research included competitors, the relevant market sector and then preparation of financial forecasts and subsequent presentation to investors which included private and institutional investors.

Other activities included consultancy on various processes such as Regulation D (USA based procedure for raising investment capital for business), considerations and possible strategies pre-stock exchange listing and various methods of acquiring investors.

I have strong, broad business management and sales experience from the sales floor and administration, to negotiation at board level and social events along with solid customer skills. My management, sales and customer service background extends over 35 years.

I am permanently based in the EU member-state Cyprus and have traveled widely on business including UK, US, France, Spain, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.