The full-time staffing levels will consist of:

  • One CEO (me) and I will also work on initial marketing 
  • 1 Marketing Manager, to start one month before OR in operation
  • 1 Admin  to start when OR in operation
  • 3 nurses OR Trained/Qualified to start when OR in operation
  • 1 anaesthetist  to start when OR in operation
  • 1 orthopaedic surgeon  to start when OR in operation
  • 1 cleaner 

Staffing levels will be increased as necessary.

There are two options for surgeons, the first is through our existing partners, operation by operation, however, it is possible that (a) there may be unavailability due to their own workload and (b) in Cyprus, many surgeons are 'attached' to specific hospitals and clinics and this centre may be viewed as competition so that many local surgeons may be unavailable for this reason.

With this in mind, given that the primary target market is for hip and knee joint replacement, it makes most sense to have an orthopaedic surgeon and anaesthetist on the staff, so that we are never in a position where we are unable to schedule operations. .

Additionally, the cost per outsourced surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses per operation will be much higher and will add some €800 cost per operation. At 2 replacement operations per day, (5 days per week) having the surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses on the staff adds €32,000 per month directly to the profit margin.

The physiotherapy rehab unit will operate independently and other than initially installing safety systems as part of the entire centre, it will be equipped and run by Nicomed directly.