Correct post-operative rehabilitation is key to long-term operational success and with that in mind, the centre will be using the entire Mezzanine for rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation will be undertaken by Nicomed Rehab, who are well established and highly qualified.

The owner of Nicomed, Onisiforos Hadjionisiforou,  also owns Kinisiforo Ltd, a medical device manufacturer specifically for physiotherapy (

The rehab unit will run independently of the centre but will provide full post-operative physiotherapy free of charge for all centre patients and in return, the centre will not charge rent to Nicomed. This is a good use of the mezzanine as under recent legislation, the mezzanine will not be able to be used for much other than storage.

Nicomed are engaged in other projects which also bring patients from outside of Cyprus, unique specialist wound treatment and providing their medical devices to various healthcare centres outside of Cyprus. This also makes for good synergy and additional patients in both directions.