Statistical Information for UK NHS, (England, Northern Ireland and Wales) for Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy

Joint replacement surgery has seen a huge rise in the last 10 years and this can be attributed to a number of factors, such as increasing confidence in the surgery with better outcomes, along with better implants, longer times between revisions with obesity also being a factor as obesity cases have risen dramatically.

The diagram below takes only the NHS in England, Wales and  Northern Ireland into account.

Given the data above is purely for NHS patients in UK (excluding Scotland), no private hospitals, and that data was for 2018, and that the numbers of patients for joint replacements are rising overall with younger patients being included more frequently, it is safe to assume that the numbers for Joint Replacement will exceed 300,000 patients in 2021. Just in the UK.

Arthroscopic procedures across the UK exceeded 500,000.

This means that every day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, 1,250 people are undergoing joint replacement surgery and almost 2,100 people are undergoing arthroscopic procedures in UK.

It's reasonable to expect that out of 3,350 people undergoing either surgery every day, that we should attract at least 0.06% (2 patients daily) through sustained marketing and referrals.


Surgery costs/value for patients from outside of Cyprus
Given that a little over 96% of the joint replacement surgeries are hip and knee, it's reasonable to expect that we will be operating almost exclusively on hip and knee surgery.

In the UK, the cheapest private prices were averaging €11,500 purely for the surgical costs, and the basic costs may be higher, dependent upon where the patient is in the UK. Here in Cyprus, we can expect to charge €6700 for similar surgery. We will also usually be able to undertake the surgery within 2 to 4 weeks.

Generally, a patient from outside of Cyprus can expect additional costs of flight and accommodation which would add around €600 so giving a total cost of €7300. So the patient will save at least €4200. 

Within our costing structure, we also include physiotherapy, MRI and/or X-ray, consultancy costs. The only additional costs may be where complications have arisen, however, in that event, the patient would have similar additional costs in UK, probably higher.

Surgery costs for patients from inside of Cyprus
It's very likely we will get privately paying patients from in Cyprus also and our costs are about 12% below other private hospitals. We will also get patients from GESY in due course.