Project Purpose
During 2016 to early 2020, Through my platform website;, I have already been successfully marketing the benefits of Cyprus as a medical destination from UK for medical treatment and/or surgery, primarily for hip and knee replacement, but also for hair replacement, dental treatment and IVF.

The purpose of this project is to create a unique centre, exclusively for Orthopaedic Surgery, but primarily for hip and knee replacement and arthroscopy.

The intention is to purchase and equip this newly renovated building and to take current activities to a significantly higher level. Private medical costs in Cyprus in general are often less than half the price of UK private healthcare.

By incorporating a qualified expert team of marketing, surgery, rehabilitation and the creation of the elective surgery centre, it is my intention to become the market leader for medical tourism in Cyprus and comprehensively manage these activities in-house effectively and very much more profitably but at the same time, still offer first-class professional surgery and medical services at very competitive prices within the EU for private healthcare.

What is Elective Surgery
Generally, elective surgery refers to non-emergency surgery made through choice but does not always mean it is optional. It simply means that the surgery can be scheduled in advance. It may be a surgery that is chosen for a better quality of life but not for a life-threatening condition. In some cases it may be for a serious condition such as cancer. Examples of elective surgery include joint replacement, various cosmetic procedures, having kidney stones removed, etc. It may also be done if other forms of treatment are not working.

This specific project has been in my personal pipeline for the last three years but the right property at the right price hasn't been available and the building that I have chosen is only available at the current asking price due in part to the covid crisis.  


The facilities provided are straightforward and attractive. I already work with several particularly highly qualified, experienced and registered healthcare professionals (surgeons and doctors) and healthcare facilities but also have the flexibility to work with others as the need arises

I have provided access to a broad variety of medical services to potential patients through various partners including joint replacement, arthroscopy, bariatric surgery, neurosurgery, all forms of complex dentistry, hair transplant, skin laser, eye laser and all ophthalmic treatment/operations, IVF Fertility treatment, paediatric treatment and surgery.

This will continue, only in much greater numbers and being paid for it.

Complex  physiotherapy is already provided through Nicomed Rehabilitation for Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, children with Cerebral Palsy and patients with various Neuromuscular Disorders and Brain/Spinal Cord Injuries at all stages and in all age groups. Post-operative rehabilitation is also provided.

The primary ISO for the centre is ISO 9001 for Healthcare management, the centre will work for this standard. All other applicable ISO standards will also apply, i.e. for medical devices, disposables, gowns etc.

While ISO 9001 certification is not a legal requirement, it has the following benefits :

  • Increased profit potential and market share
  • Time saved from more efficient resource management
  • Recurring problems and anomalies reduced or eliminated
  • Brand image and credibility improved
  • Manual work is reduced with process integration and process automation
  • Organizational efficiency and effectiveness is improved by using data and evidence to inform decision making

Patient Packages
There will be packages offered for patients.

Silver     Basic operation - the operation and recovery suite (up to 48 hours)
Bronze  Operation plus various accommodation packages This will depend on the type of accommodation and duration selected.
Gold      Silver and Bronze plus airport collection and drop-off.

Patients will also be obliged to cover the cost of extended surgery if complications arise. The cost given for the surgery is based on straightforward surgery without complications.