There will always be competition and since there will always be a requirement for surgery, keeping one step ahead or at least keeping up with business competitors will always be a long distance marathon.

Since the recent introduction of the national health system in Cyprus (GESY), many surgical procedures that were previously undertaken in the private sector in Cyprus are now eligible under GESY for free. As a direct consequence, many operating rooms that were previously utilised for private health are now being utilised for GESY treatments. This is a problem that is likely to become worse regarding operating theatre availability for privately funded surgery. 

In order to underline the reality of the above, I was recently asked by a group of doctors to identify a building that they would use for surgery specifically for GESY patients because they considered that the number of OR's and related facilities available in Limassol would not be enough. They were prepared to invest 4 million Euros for this. In fact, the building in this project now was one of the buildings proposed. Fortunately for me, the doctors group couldn't agree on anything and the matter didn't go any further.

The new Elective Surgery Centre may well be seen as competition to other medical centres but in reality, it won't be  Firstly, the vast majority of patients is expected to come from outside of Cyprus but secondly, there is a strong likelihood that our centre will be requested for support and co-operation by the local private surgery market due to the reduced availability of other OR's both for private and GESY surgery.

Currently in Limassol, the primary surgical centres are Ygia Polyclinic www.ygiapolyclinic.com/en/ and Mediterranean Hospital, www.medihospital.com.cy/en/  Ygia has 12 operating rooms and is a purely private hospital, the Mediterranean has 7 operating rooms and is GESY. Any GESY registered medical facility has the ability to offer private services currently to patients not registered with GESY. Petros & Pavlou clinic have 2 OR's but do not market their services at all and were private patient based but have now gone over to GESY. 

In Paphos, there is Iasis Hospital, www.iasishospital.com/ and Evangelismos Hospital, www.evangelismos.com.cy/

Larnaca has San Rafael Hospital www.st-raphaelhospital.com/

Nicosia has The American Medical Centre, www.amc.com.cy/ the best hospital in Cyprus, Aretaeio Hospital www.aretaeio.com/, Apollonion Hospital www.apollonion.com/en/ and Nicosia Polyclinic www.nicosiapolyclinic.com/

All of these respected centres are already starting to build waiting lists for surgery and treatment because of the GESY demand. They all offer 'medical tourism'' services and surgery but are starting to have less and less space for non-Cyprus patients.