Company Admin
The company will be formed as a Cyprus Ltd company and bank account. There will also be a UK company formed with a UK bank account. This is for two reasons, from previous experience, many UK based customers prefer to pay into UK banks and deal with UK companies, secondly, the company will be expanding into UK at a later date.

The licence to operate as a  medical clinic is based upon the clinic being structured and  correctly equipped and the medical staff appropriately qualified.

I will act as managing director and one lawyer will be the clinical director. 

The centre will be licensed for orthopaedic medical services only, i.e. the centre can only directly provide orthopaedic surgery/treatment. Any other medical treatment must be referred to other appropriately licensed clinics.

The planning licence for how the building is used reflects the same criteria, i.e. only orthopaedic surgery and treatment.

Patient Software etc.
Since the centre will only be undertaking specific surgery/treatment, there will not be a need to have expensive, complex software for this purpose. Clearly, patient records will need to be held regarding their personal data and normal details of treatment, specialist software is not required.